Fresher Java Software Engineer, KMS Solutions


Ho Chi Minh City


June 7, 2022

Company Description

Established in 2009, KMS Technology is a U.S.-based engineering and services company with development centers in Vietnam. KMS Technology is trusted by international clients for the superior quality of products and expertise of Vietnamese engineers.

Besides providing services, KMS builds and successfully launches its own software companies through its internal startup incubator, KMS Labs. The most notable companies with millions of users worldwide include QASymphonyKobitonKatalon, and Grove.

Under the brand KMS Solutions, the company serves the Asia Pacific region, offering technology solution consulting and bringing the most advanced and latest technologies to the Asian market.


The Brilliant Career You Love

The vacancy is an ideal job for the beginners who would like to have a good start for a great career. The winning candidates will have the opportunity to become a Software Engineer – one of the hottest skills in the industry trends. You will be trained and worked on complex systems using cutting-edge technology based frameworks. Besides, you will work with talented developers, following high standard software development practices and CI/DI processes.


Skills/knowledge you need to be successful:

  • 0-2 years of experience, ready to work full-time officially
  • Strong Foundation in Object Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, multithreading/concurrency programming, data structure, and algorithms
  • Basic foundation of SQL and NoSQL databases, such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, Couchbase, MongoDB
  • Knowledge in Java EE frameworks such as Java Spring, Hibernate
  • Understanding of Microservices architecture, containerized applications, CI/CD frameworks and practices
  • Basic English writing and reading
  • Digital Thinker, Product Mindset, Can-do attitude, and Adaptable

Benefits and Perks

Thinking of joining KMS Solutions? Yes, you deserve it!

Progressive Career Development

  • Role-based training foundation
  • Active role at the global client-side
  • Continuous professional certification
  • Simple goals - achievable success

Attractive compensation

  • Up to 15 months salary/year
  • Performance review twice a year
  • Premium healthcare insurance
  • 18+ paid leave/year

Engagement workplace

  • Flexi mode, modern work environment
  • Well-being centric

Impactful community organization

  • Community development activities: 1% Pledge, KMS Gives charity every quarter, blood donation, public seminars, career orientation talks,…

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