Invaluable and thoughtful experience

"Being a fresher in KMS is quite special, starting with the challenging Fresher Bootcamp. It involved many different, surprising activities that boosted my confidence and brought thoughtful lessons after that. All of those things will make you a better person, not just a professional. Let me show you more."

Thanh M., Fresher Software Engineer

Great benefits I think you'll enjoy

A wide range of interesting perks and advantages that you can
gain from being a Fresher in KMS to advance fast in your career.

Official Full-time Employment

You're an official employee from Day 1 with a full benefits package, including a full salary, 13th-month bonus, premium health insurance, company trips, sports clubs, technical training, and many more to explore.

Professional Training Program

An exclusively designed training program will kick-start your Fresher career with a rapid acceleration job roadmap and develop your technical fundamentals and communication skills as well.

Global Million-dollars Projects

The first years of your professional career are "earn as you learn" opportunities. It's going to be super exciting, yet challenging to be part of various global million-dollar projects.

Cutting-edge Technologies and Methodologies

Your technical skills will be enriched via promptly applying trending programming languages, coding practices, and technologies.

Fresher jobs are open all year round. Check out the KMS selection process.

To land a successful Fresher job, here is the 4-step Selection Process that I went through with KMS. Be informed and get well-prepared, you'll shine.

  • Application Screening

    Fill out the Fresher job application with your latest resumé and academic transcript.

    Step 1
  • Phone Interview

    Be confident to answer quick-check questions about your resumé with HR personnel.

    Step 2
  • Technical Interview

    Keep your fundamental knowledge and professional skills always warm to succeed.

    Step 3
  • Offering

    Get the offer you deserve and ready to start your new journey as a KMS Fresher.

    Step 4

Interested in
KMS Fresher?

If you find this job excellent as I did, apply and join KMS to explore and upgrade your career with diverse challenges. A clear career roadmap and devoted mentorship are awaiting for your full growth.


  • Final year student or new graduate
  • Bold passion for IT software and testing
  • Good IT background, critical and logical thinking
  • English: good writing & reading skills
  • Working full-time
  • Commitment to self-improvement

Get a glimpse of how exciting I was with other
KMS Freshers in the Bootcamp.


Fresher Training Program's Roadmap

I've taken this program to accelerate my career growth faster and more sustainably. You'll soon find out how much it's great.

  • Bootcamp
  • Fundamental training
  • Basic soft skills
  • Practice in real project for typical process and tool set
  • Learn and experiment with client projects
  • Contribute with less supervision
  • Technical challenges
  • Domain knowledge
  • Soft skills
  • Contribute independently
  • Deliver innovative results

Hear What Other KMS Freshers Also Experienced

"A hard-core Bootcamp kick-started my fresher life at KMS
and really changed me inside out." - Ly C.

  • “I’ve grown a very long way since I joined KMS as a fresher.”

    “Joining to be a KMS Fresher, I’ve learned greatly from my experienced teammates and grown a long way from my beginning. I was also handed the greatest chance to work as a Back-End developer in the company’s top biggest project. That was such a huge pleasure.”

    - Nhat T.
  • “Becoming a KMSer is a proudly-made success of my 20s.”

    “A zero technical-based like me always thought of KMS as something out of the league. Therefore, I was on top of the world to receive the offer. But the joy didn’t stop there. The more I’m at KMS and connect with its people, the more awesome my life gets. KMS is truly an ideal workplace to grow and live more.”

    - Trinh N.
  • “Be careful! There’ll be too many values and joy to handle.”

    “If I could do it again, I wouldn’t go with KMS. The mentors and seniors are way too enthusiastic and supportive. There are tides of activities every week: from learning-training to entertainment and sports. Honestly, for me, too many values and joy to handle.”

    - Thuy H.

Job Openings

Let's find a suitable position to start your
Fresher journey with KMS!

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